Script for calls received or cold calling

The following is a sample “opening” script that you can loosely use.  Don’t sound like you’re reading and don’t sound like a telemarker.  Make believe you’re a neighbor calling, and you should sound very relaxed… not professional at all.

Hi, my name’s %%%NIA%%% and I was calling in regards to a property on %%%123 BROADWAY%%%… and was wondering if you’d/they’d consider an offer?

If they say YES…

  1. Can you give me an idea of why are you looking to sell?
  2.  Can you tell me a little bit about the property…what’s going on with it?  What’s the condition of it?  Does it need updating? 
  3. When do you really need to sell this property?
  4. What are you looking to get out of the property? (DON’T SAY PRICE… BUT YOU SEEKING A BALLPARK PRICE THAT THEY HAVE IN MIND).

Ok, “I’ll reach have my partner call you to discuss an offer”.
(or.. if you’re comfortable, proceed to filling out the interview sheet)

If they say NO…

Thanks for your response. Please let me know if your situation changes or if you know anybody needing to sell.

What’s your offer/How Much?
My offer is dependent on the overall condition of the property. Can you tell me a little bit about it? When was it last updated? I do buy houses as-is.

Who is this?
My name is %%%NIA%%% and we’re real estate investors looking to buy unwanted properties in the area from people that need to sell. Are you interested in selling?

How did you get my number?
I found your number through Google. I try to find people near the properties I purchase to see if they want to sell.

I sold it:
That’s great! Please let me know if you know of anybody else to sell for cash.

Not yet/Not Now:
Did you have a particular time in mind when you want to sell? I can give you an offer now so you can make an easy decision when the time is right.

What do you need from me to make an offer?
Just few minutes of your time to gather some information about the property.

Working with a Realtor Already
Ok, if you want an offer before you list, let me know. I can come out and give you a verified cash offer on the spot.

Are you the buyer or realtor/Are you a realtor/agent?
My partner is licensed, but I’ll personally be buying for cash.

If the seller is Firm on Price
Thanks for the response, but we’re not interested at this time. Let us know if you’re willing to work with us on price.

If the seller is currently renovating the house
Would you be interested in receiving a cash offer now, and I can finish the repairs? I often buy houses from homeowners that are in the middle of renovations.


I’m a local investor that buys houses from homeowners for my family. Are you interested in selling?

If they say no, then say “ok thank you, If you change your mind in the future, please call me.  I buy houses cash and can close in 2 weeks!

Use ibuyAny.com Seller Call In Lead Interview Sheet There are more blanks on this sheet than the questions asked below… but fill out as much as you can.  At minimum, try to get the details from the following script of questions:

♦ Full Name?
♦ (If was call received): In case we get disconnected, what’s the best phone number to call you back on?
♦ What is the property address?
♦ What is the reason that you are considering selling?
♦ Could you share with me details about the property? Number of Bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, is there a basement, is there a garage, construction type (brick/frame), etc. Just gather information about the property – as much as the want to share with you.
♦ What type of repair or work would you say we need to do to this property after we buy it?
♦ Are you the sole owner of the property? If not, are all the other owners available and willing to sign the sales contact as well.
♦ Do you owe any money on the property or are there any liens? If so, how much in total is owed on the property?
♦ How much do you think the property would be worth?
♦ Is that price in as-is condition or when the property is in perfect condition?
♦ If you were to keep property, what would be your next major project for rehabbing the property – what would you enhance?
♦ If we come in and pay all cash and close on the date of your choice, what is the least you would take for the property.
♦ If we take care of all the closing costs and fees, excise tax, transfer tax, title insurance, escrow fees, and so on… can you see yourself doing any better?
♦ We are willing to buy the property in an as is condition, and we will be responsible for all of repairs. Could you help us out by lowering the price a little bit more?
♦ Thank you, I have all of the information that I need. I will forward this to my purchase manager and have them review to make an offer on it. I should be able to get you an answer by tomorrow.. What’s the best time to call you back tomorrow?