Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner with us.

This page will give you the information on what we are proposing, and if you are interested, or if you have any additional questions…. please call me, directly Andre Bowdry at this number please….  (630) 537-0707.

5 easy steps to get started Wholesaling Real Estate

Ok. Here is what you need to do to get started wholesaling real estate.

Go to this website to order your bandit signs.

I recommend ordering 100 18×24 yellow signs with no writing. Cut them in half with a box cutter. Now you have 200 signs instead of 100 signs.

Go buy a couple magnum sharpie pens with the fat tip. You will use those to write on your signs. Make sure you put your phone number not mine 🙂

We Buy Houses 

(We suggest using a free google voice number or equivalent)

Send 50 postcards or letters to distressed home owners per week.  These can be properties that you’ve noticed that are vacant by doing drive-by’s (driving for dollars) or I can suggest a list of 100 properties for you.

There are websites, like click2mail you can use for this or you can produce the letters and mail them yourself.

Sample letter….

Hi [name of property owner]:
If you are interested in selling your property please contact me today. I can offer you cash and close quickly.
Thank You
[your name]
[phone number]

Post ads on craigslist non stop in the real estate for sale sections and real estate wanted sections. Saying the same thing as the business card and bandit sign.

Once phone calls come in just get the Seller Call In Lead Interview Sheet done. Make sure it’s filled out completely. From there just email it to me. And your job is done. I will do the rest. If it’s a deal, I will close it and we split the deal 50/50. If it’s not a deal I will let you know why it’s not a deal so that you can learn. Then on to the next!!

Always be marketing. “Never stop marketing. “A business with no sign is a sign of no business”.  Always remember that!!