Script for cold calling

The following is a sample “opening” script that you can loosely use.  Don’t sound like you’re reading and don’t sound like a tele-marker.  Make believe you’re calling a relative, and should sound very relaxed… not professional at all.

“Hi, my name’s, Belinda  and I was calling regarding a property (owned by Owners Name) on Broadway Street in Schaumburg, and was wondering if you’d consider an offer?”

If they say yes/maybe/perhaps/that depends (etc.)…

Can you tell me a little about it? 

Proceed to questions at the bottom!

After you taken the detailed notes… tell them…

I’ll turn this information over to my partner and they’ll call you to discuss further, as I’m just gathering some details for now”.

If they say No….

Okay; good luck, thank you.

What’s your offer/How Much?
My offer is dependent on the overall condition of the property. Would you like a cash offer at this time?

Who is this?
My name is %%%Belinda%%%  and we’re real estate investors looking to buy additional property in the area. Would you like an all cash/quick close offer?

How did you get my number OR why would I want to sell?
(I found your number through Google) if asked

 We try to find people near the properties we purchase to see if they would consider a cash offer?

I sold it:
That’s great!  Thank you. Have a good day.

Not yet/Not Now:
Did you have a particular time in mind when you want to sell? I can give you an offer now so you can make an easy decision when the time is right.

What do you need from me to make an offer?
Just few minutes of your time to gather some information about the property.

Working with a Realtor Already
Ok, if you want an offer before you list, let me know. We can come out and give you a verified cash offer on the spot.

Are you the buyer or realtor/Are you a realtor/agent?
My partner is licensed, but we’ll personally be buying for cash.

If the seller is Firm on Price
Thanks for the response, but we’re not interested at this time. Let us know if you’re willing to work with us on price.

If the seller is currently renovating the house
Would you be interested in receiving a cash offer now, and I can finish the repairs? I often buy houses from homeowners that are in the middle of renovations.


I’m a local investor that buys houses from homeowners for my family. Are you interested in selling?

Any question not listed herein… “Well, I am not certain, as I’m gathering information for my partner that can contact you and  answer any questions that you may have.

CCRD – Look up details on the purchase of the property
TRES – Look up who is being billed for the taxes
SPRO – Skip trace by the property address to see who all lives at the property
SMAL – Skip trace by the mailing address to see who all lives at the mailing address
SPRN – Skip trace by the owners name using the property address to see possible relatives that may live at the property address
SMLN – Skip trace by the owners name using the mailing address to see see possible relatives that may live at the mailing address
FPRO – Forewarn search by the owners name using the property address to get telephone numbers of the owner
FMAL – Forewarn by the owners name using the mailing address to get telephone numbers of the owner

Qualifying Questions (Copy to Podio)

Contact Info

♦ Is this the best contact number for you? What is a good email address?

Property Condition

♦ As investors, we would like to updated the property to a 2022 HGTV standard. What work would you suggest needs to be done to achieve this?

♦ Are there any major or minor repairs that need to be completed?

♦ How long have you owned the property?

♦ Is anyone currently living there? If rented: Is there a lease? How much is the rent?

♦ How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms?

♦ What’s the condition of the roof and windows?

♦ As you may know, kitchen and bathrooms sell homes. Have either of those been updated in the last 3 years?

♦ Is there anything else you think I should know about the property?


♦ This sounds like a property we may be interested in, why are you thinking of selling?

Dig Deeper!

♦ Really? How long have you been thinking about selling?

♦ If you were to sell to us or anyone else, would you do so within 30, 60, 90 days, or sometime further out?

Financial Questions

♦ If we buy the property would we have to pay off any taxes, liens, or mortgage? If so, do you know approximately how much is owed?

♦ I haven’t done my research yet…do you know what houses in the area are worth? What’s the  lowest offer you might consider for your property? Is that all negotiable?

Thank you, I have all of the information that I need. I will forward this to my purchase manager and have them review to make an offer on it.

My manager can call you back sometime today if that’s okay. If not when would be the best time to follow up?